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Popeye, Tom & Jerry Animator Gene Deitch dies at 95

Gene, who's full name was Eugene Merrill Deitch, directed 13 episodes of beloved children's cartoon Tom and Jerry and some from the series Popeye. 

The animator was an american citizen who moved to Prague in 1959 and created over 70 animated movies and seven television series.

According to a family friend and neighbor, the cause of death was not related to coronavirus. While Deitch hadn’t been sick, he had complained about intestinal problems in the days before his passing.

In 1958, Deitch was nominated for an Academy Award for his filmSidney’s Family Tree. He went on to the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film for his filmMunroin 1960, and was nominated another two times in the same category in 1964 forHere’s NudnikandHow to Avoid Friendship.

He also co-produced and directed a series of King Features’ Krazy Kat shorts for TV, and created an original kids’ series called The Bluffers.

Gene is survived by his wife and three sons from his first marriage. Rest in peace.

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