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Philip Barlow

Updated: Mar 22

South African artist Philip Barlow is a contemporary painter using oil on canvas and specializing in blurred vision paintings.

If you have the perfect vision (Lucky you!), You've probably never stopped to think about how life must be a torment for those who can not see well without glasses. Especially people suffering from myopia have difficulty living a normal life away from lenses that correct this vision disorder, which leaves the vision from completely blurred. And although there are several other problems that can affect and disrupt human vision, it is in myopia that we are going to focus today. This is because a photographic essay, beyond good thinking, is circulating on the internet and making people understand how it is the vision of who has such a myopia. Philip Barlow, an artist from Cape Town, has created a series of paintings that vividly shows the struggle of those who have myopia, the most common refractive error of the eye. Barlow's paintings at first glance look like blurred photographs, but they are hyper realistic oil paintings that perfectly depict the blurred effect people often see when they take off their glasses. Check out some of his works below. Visit his Web site:


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