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Albino Sisters Born 12 Years Apart Goes Viral For Their Unique Beauty

Albinism can't stop the sisters from shining, they are the most shining models of Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, there are two sisters 12 years apart, with a younger brother in the middle, but they look very different from the younger brother, because both sisters have albinism; when the older sister was born, even the doctor questioned the father's identity. Perhaps in the eyes of many people this is unfortunate, but the sisters confidently say that albinism can also become their unique light, because they have now become the most popular models of Kazakhs! Remember their names - Kamila and Asel Kalaganova.

Then her brother was born, he did not inherit albinism, and his appearance was no different from ordinary children. Until her youngest sister Kamila was born, the disease did not appear in their families again. Albinism is a relatively rare condition, but it is rare for two children to suffer from this disease in this family.

Her mother, Aiman Sarkitova, 38, was also shocked when she was born, and doctors at first almost caused a scandal by suspecting the girl had an ethnically Russian father.

Asel didn't give up her life because of this. Instead, when she was 10 years old, she faced herself and started her modelling career; the subsequent birth of her sister made her more interested in this aspect. The sisters are now models with 52,000 followers and are very popular in Kazakhstan.

Aiman says that Asel went to a school for children with disabilities, but was soon transferred to a regular school and adapted very well to the new routine.

When she was 10, Asel started to invest in a modeling career. The arrival of little Kamila influenced her to post pictures of them on social networks. The attitude won over the public. Currently, Asel already has more than 50k followers on Instagram.

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