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Visual Arts Exhibition
Including Work By
Leticia Silva dos Santos
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 London Exhibition

Chelsea Gallery | 05th February - 10th February - Free entry

This event is been realized by

CIA ARTE CULTURA with collaboration of All Visual Arts

Meet the Artist

Leticia Silva Dos Santos_edited.jpg


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These artworks are a part of a series of mine focusing on conservation in the Amazon. 

The Fates draws on ancient Greek mythology and imagery, placing the three macaws in the roles of the 3 fates: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos; the weaver, the allotter and the inevitable (death).

Macaws, or Araras, are threatened every day by human activities in the Amazon, from poaching and trafficking to logging and farming. When I was researching this project, it was very hard to keep away the feeling of hopelessness and exasperation... so I placed the power back into nature's own grasp, allowing them to wield their own fate.

Xerimbabos is made from completely reclaimed materials: wood salvaged from skips, old mahogany beams, bamboo jar lids, ash chair seats, and glass from old frames. The style of framing and labelling reminds us that if care is not taken, they may be reduced to specimens in museum collections.

All of my work raises money to help conservation efforts in the Amazon rainforest and the UK. It's a drop in the sea, but every drop can be part of a turning tide.

The Fates



Size: 43x43cm