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It is our pleasure to inform you on that more than 1.500 Artist submitted  around the world his/her artworks for “International Online Art Contest from around the world. You are the lucky one which artwork also keeps under 350 Best art work. International Online Contest on "Creative Minds During Quarantine". Our goal was to keep artists' creativity alive by participating in our online art and photography contest with the positive intention to share their creativity and at the same time help artists and photographers to promote their work. 


We will be hosting an online creative contest starting TODAY and EVERYONE who wants to participate will be applying and uploading their creative picture online with the application at the end of this page. We will be giving everyone 1 month to apply, just in case some of you want to create something new for this contest. 


On the 10th of May 2020, we will be opening an Online Exhibition page on our website with all the creative pictures that were uploaded with the application, so you can all share your participation on this contest with your friends and family, and also that way will help you to be recognised by other people in our community. After that, we will give a week (17th, May 2020) for our judges to pick the winners, the judges will be our partners, collaborators, artists and supporters, we will be keeping their identity unknown until the winners are announced. 

Obrigada Senhor pro tudo que me condedes!

Deus esta do meu lado! amooooo

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