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Visual Arts Exhibition
Including Work By
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 London Exhibition

Chelsea Gallery | 05th February - 10th February - Free entry

This event is been realized by

CIA ARTE CULTURA with collaboration of All Visual Arts

Meet the Artist

Silvio Duart



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Duart's Artists -Silvio Duarte da Silva, Brazil

Artist Duart’s: Brazil

Duart’sArtist (Silvio Duarte da Silva) was born in Campo Grande MS, on September 13, 1977.

He began his career in painting as a child, at the age of nine, and never stopped.

To him art is the air where he is living, his life, joy and happiness

In addition to producing his canvases, he divided his time in painting, exposing and administering workshops in all regions of Brazil, and in Cities in Argentina and Bolivia.

Member of ABLA (Brazilian Academy of Letters and Arts of Boituva) as Commander.

Duart ‘s artist, in addition to producing his canvases, teaches painting workshops on themes such as floral, landscapes, human figures, animals, portraits, holy supper, marinas and houses.

He also conducts arts curation for International Exhibitions.

Duart’s is a professional, who has a great knowledge of the techniques, and handling of the materials used in his work and in his workshops.

In addition, he is a creative, sensitive, observant, authentic, disciplined person and, above all, is always willing to accept suggestions and criticisms. .

Duart’s is an artist, who for being an excellent professional, and attending numerous requests for Galleries and Ateliers, chose not to stay only in his atelier, and started to hold workshops and exhibitions in Brazil, and abroad.

At their workshops, the participating artists will learn several different techniques and will have the necessary support to start and finish their screens on the same day.

His main focus is to convey everything he knows to those interested with much love, affection and professionalism.

2017 - Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists .

Arab Horse

Size: 70x50cm

Flowers on Vase

Size: 70x50cm