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Visual Arts Exhibition
Including Work By
Bruno Conceição
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 London Exhibition

Chelsea Gallery | 05th February - 10th February - Free entry

This event is been realized by

CIA ARTE CULTURA with collaboration of All Visual Arts

Meet the Photographer

Bruno Conceição: London based Photographer Portuguese origin, country side young boy that discovered some of its voice through photography!


Back home, started photographing his world by itself and when jumped to London decided to take it seriously and took a course on professional photography institute. That was it! It was an even more Eye-opener. It was then when he committed to capture the world around him and its Nature.


And He means, Human nature together with the natural world. It is amazing when we can capture both worlds and how amazing they work together and allows for such a perfect sight. Being able to photograph our love for each other and the love for our nature is what brings us to so much more connection and takes us to places that we would never had the chance to, nor, you would be able to see it , as well!!


So today, not only Bruno dedicates his photography to Portraiture and Wedding, also dedicates some time into personal projects, exhibitions, travel and nature/landscape. 

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The London Time Machine

Size: 70x45cm

Time goes, London stays

Size: 70x45cm