Art Shopping 

International Art Exibition

Le Carrousel

Du Louvre


Le Carrousel Du Louvre Paris

All Visual Arts has a great honor to invite you to participate in the collective, international art exhibition in Paris. This exhibition is for all artists, photographers, amateur, and professionals, giving a great opportunity to expose their artwork around the world, now in Paris.

For over twenty-five years we have provided useful guidance and valuable advice to emerging and establishing artists from all over the world who wish to promote their artwork, this can benefit in many different ways - exposure, exhibitions, and even self-confidence. Our main objective is to establish the disclosure of artists and their artwork, discovering, supporting and promoting talented artists, helping them to take their career to next level by proving a unique and exciting opportunity to exhibit their work to a wider audience and gaining local, national and international recognition.

We have especially chosen the Art Shopping trade show in the Carrousel du Louvre as it offers a selection of works to both visit and purchase. More than 450 artists and galleries present their works in this show of contemporary art. Art enthusiasts!

We offer a full package service:

  • Opening event

  • Vernissage and cocktail

  • Communications

  • Stand management by the All Visual Arts’s direction

  • Commercial management

  • Free access to the exhibitor lounge

  • Original certificate (digital and printed) 

  • We don't take any commission from sales in this exhibition

  • Social media, advertising materials: stickers, posters & visitor brochures

  • Material handling, installation, and dismantling

  • A highly experienced, helpful and friendly curator

  • Presentation of you and your artwork on our website: www.allvisualarts.com

  • Possibility to exhibit paintings by the unit in the measures below:

Artwork: 70cm height by 50cm width (without frame)

Photography: 70cm height by 50cm width (without frame) 

Sculpture: 60cm X 40cm X 60cm

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