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Register to our virtual gallery, for free for 3 months!

We would like to offer you a free virtual gallery of 12 pictures for a three month trial period. Our virtual galleries have be designed to be easily maintained by the artist.

Our objective is to have you and your art work known.

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Our team expert is working non stop to promote you on web search engines such as Google and Yahoo. As we are using the latest technologies, we are continuously aiming to improve the virtual gallery. Your visibility is not limited to your region, you will be seen around the world. Visit our website in french.

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Its easy and so simple!

No need to know how to program and no need to wait for your webmaster to make changes to your website. No need to use a specialized software, just use your web browser.

Add all your pictures of your artwork in seconds. You can also add your biography, your exhibits, your artist statement, and your contact information.

Receive visitor’s comments and respond to them directly. For more information, click here.

No need to worry. Try our gallery! Please be reassured that we do not ask for any financial information such as credit cards. Furthermore, the personal information required, such as your postal address, is solely for the purpose of our gallery. Following you three month trial period, we invite you to contact us only if you wish to become a member.

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We hope that you will join us.

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